La Grand Massif grows up !

Publié le 8 January 2018


The skiers of the Grand Massif resorts will discover many new features this year: In addition to the refitted of the ski slopes and the new chairlifts to improve their comfort, events and new adresses of the most attractive are waiting them from today. The Grand Massif brings back the taste of snow this winter ! 

The Grand Massif always bigger in 2018

Le Grand-Massif-s'agrandit

The Grand Massif expands considerably in 2018 ! Indeed, it will notably develop at the level of the Combe de Coulouvrier where will see very soon 1 chairlifts and 4 slopes for a total gain of 42 hectares of tracks skiing. the new chairlift of Coulouvrier located on the sector of Morillon/Samoëns will be a 6 places  détachable chairlift with a starting altitude at 1 200m and a arrival at 2 120m. With a record length of 2 850 meters, this chairlift will be the longest in Europe in its category, with a travel time of 9 minutes and a flow rate of 3000 passengers/hour.

Tracé des pistes de CoulouvrierIts path, completely new will lead to the creation of 4 new tracks : 2 blue with 70 snow guns and 2 red (2 new slopes called Aouïa and Chars in 2017 and 2 other in 2018). In order to ensure sufficient snow production, a new 35,000 m2 hillside retention will be created near Lac des Gouilles. This new chairlift closes the modernization of the Tête des Saix and the connections of the Grand Massif will now be better !




Discover an animation of the development projects of the Grand-Massif :