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Activities & Hobbies

Morillon: for relaxation and a host of fun activities…

Morillon goes out of its way to accommodate both kids and adults in the beautiful setting of an unspoilt valley. At Morillon, your days can be filled with an array of activities, entertainment and festive events, where there’s something for all generations…

Les activités hors ski à Morillon Grand Massif

Frosty fun

Activities & Hobbies

Frosted fun away from the ski-lifts... Morillon in the Haut Giffre Valley offers an exceptional terrain, lending itself very well to non-skiing activities: snowshoeing, skijoring, introduction...

Plaisirs-sensation de Morillon Grand Massif

Fun & thrills

Activities & Hobbies

Morillon Grand Massif: a place for thrill seekers... A host of activities are on offer to you, for increasingly extreme thrills!

Patrimoine à Morillon Grand Massif

Culture & Heritage

Activities & Hobbies

Discover the wealth of Morillon’s cultural and built heritage in the Haut Giffre Valley... Visit the many historical chapels that mark out the valley, passing by...

Détente à Morillon Grand Massif

Relaxation & well-being

Activities & Hobbies

What’s better than time to relax after a full day of activities at Morillon Grand Massif?



Activities & Hobbies