Snow Sports

Nordic Skiing

The Nordic activities space of the Haut Giffre Valley is divided into three distinct areas.

Depending on the snow, you can do Nordic skiing on the valley slopes from Morillon or on the slopes of Fer à Cheval or Joux Plane. In each sector, there are tracks for all levels, both for classic and skating style.

Domaine nordique de la Vallée du Haut Giffre

Space northern Haut Giffre

Nordic Skiing

Haut-Giffre Valley: This domain begins to Morillon, along Giffre, and walks you, with one made uneven quite smoothly, near villages, in the forest, in the plain...

Plan des pistes du domaine Nordique du Giffre

Ski plans

Nordic Skiing

All route signposted ski valley or altitude.       Nordic skiing takes place in the Haut Giffre Valley at between 670 and 900 metres altitude which can be...

Crircuit nordique du Lac Bleu à Morillon

Ski pass

Nordic Skiing

Ski passes allow you to borrow ski trails.

Ski Nordique en Haut Giffre

Ski school

Nordic Skiing

Need to learn to ski, want to progress … there necessarily a school to meet your needs …

Navettes nordiques en vallée du Giffre

Nordic shuttle

Nordic Skiing

Nordic shuttles carry on the various ski areas.