Going out


Manger Hiver

L'Etoile des Neiges

Morillon 1100

Le Tourne Pierre

Morillon village

La Puzze

Morillon village

A reception organized around at various prices seasons menus, input board , salads , entrees and desserts , local specialties . Grilled meat over a wood fire in the summer on some days , various pizzas in the winter and summer seasons . Takeaway pizza in winter and summer season.

La Covagne

Restaurant, bar, concerts in the relaxing edges of Blue Lake.

Le Yeti

Morillon village

Snacks and take away. Restaurant, pizzeria, regional specialties.

La Carline

Morillon village

La Cashta

Morillon 1100


Traditional cuisine and Savoyard specialities.

Le chalet d'Clair

Mountain restaurant at the top of the Sairon chairlift. Restaurant, bar, terrace and snacks. Burgers, daily specials, regional specialties.


Morillon 1100

"L'Beu" is a restaurant and bar located in Morillon 1100 Esserts. It is accessible to both pedestrians & skiers. It is an old renovated farm pasture, with 2 terraces open lunch & evening.

Le Tea 42

Morillon 1100

Le "7"

Morillon 1100

Le Bon coin

Morillon village

Facing the cable car, beer bar , mulled wine, cocktails , evening concerts.

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