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Morillon village

Nursing home care.

Doctor's office

Morillon village

Situated in front of the chemistery


Morillon village


Morillon townhall

Morillon townhall


Morillon village

Morillon pharmacy

Association Forum du Grand Massif

Grand-Massif and mountain enthusiasts, sportsmen, photographers, find us on the forum Grand-Massif

Canoë Kayak Club du Haut Giffre

Kayak club offering activities and hikes around the kayak.

Festi Giffre

Festi Giffre is an intermunicipal events committee whose purpose is to facilitate activities and entertainment in the villages of Morillon, La Rivière-Enverse and Verchaix.

Giffr'Ambulances - Taxis du Grand Massif

Taxi service : municipality of Morillon Ambulances for consultations and repatriations.

Village des enfants day care centre

Morillon 1100

Pretty, pretty and fun, the "Children's Village" welcomes children from 18 months to less than 6 years. Initiation to skiing from 3 years old. The pre-reservation (RESERVE button) of your child will only be valid upon receipt of a confirmation email from the daycare.

Traveller transport - Alpes Direct

Morillon village

Airport transfers - stations - any distance.

Les Artistes en Herbe

Association of visual art and yoga.

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