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Les Artistes en Herbe

Association of visual art and yoga.

Traveller transport - Alpes Direct

Morillon village

Airport transfers - stations - any distance.

Morillon townhall

Morillon townhall

Go Massif

Airport transfers

les Guides du Patrimoine Savoie Mont Blanc

Guided heritage tour of Morillon.

Association Tom en Tête

This association is the culmination of a fundamental reflection, and an extension of the path traced by Tom.


Morillon village

Morillon pharmacy

Doctor's office

Morillon village

Situated in front of the chemistery

Clos Parchet Ecomuseum farm

Take a step back in time by visiting this traditional farm which has been restored to its original 19th century condition. The visit ends with a free tasting session. A guided tour with Savoie Mont-Blanc heritage guides.

Festi Giffre

Festi Giffre is an intermunicipal events committee whose purpose is to facilitate activities and entertainment in the villages of Morillon, La Rivière-Enverse and Verchaix.

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