Snowboarding enthusiasts will not be disappointed with the superb slopes of Morillon and the Grand Massif, the number one ski area in Haute-Savoie. Whether you are a beginner snowboarder or already pretty good at both frontside and backside techniques, there’s something for everyone to have fun on these perfectly groomed slopes.

Morillon ski resort is the ideal place for this fun and exciting sport. You are guaranteed to have fun on the two slopes exclusively dedicated to snowboarding fanatics. You can warm up on the “Ze Kidz Park” that can be accessed from the top of Esserts chairlift.

The soft slope with bends and ‘whoops’ is perfect for young snowboarders and beginners. This slope will make you want to stay here forever, attached to your board and why not try out freestyle. That’s possible at the “Ze Funky Park” that can be accessed via the Crête red run. A succession of modules, tracks, plateaus, jumps and the ‘big air’ for the more experienced snowboarders to try out some great tricks. This is the perfect place for some jumps and why not attempt some front flips and kicks.

When you’re snowboarding, you’re always working on your technique without even knowing it. But before trying out a Grab, why not call on an instructor to teach you the right positions to adopt and some good techniques. With the help of a pro, you’ll be able to go off-piste and find some untouched snow to play on. Awaken the freerider within you and you’ll soon be snowboarding down the fantastic white slopes of the Grand Massif, just like a real surfer.

Beginners will find what they’re looking for at Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval and can learn the snowplough technique at their own pace, in a secure area, especially developed for skiing and snowboarding beginners. There’s a French Ski School in the village for children and adults who would like to learn about the different mountain sports on offer! There are green and blue runs that can very easily be accessed to get started and learn all the basics of skiing!

The next step is to head for the heights, for some parallel skiing down the slopes of Grand Massif, that can all be accessed via a free shuttle service.

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